Seeking Diversity in Nature

As we today launch our 1000 species challenge over on our website, we pose the question: How much natural diversity is there in a small suburban garden?

(Photo: Shaun Ewings)

(Photo: Shaun Ewings)

The woodpigeon that claimed the first listing in our challenge might be common enough, but what else will we find? It isn’t going to be straightforward finding 1000 species, but we will have to look really hard at what is around us if we are to see what is really there.

All nature needs a helping hand in an urban, or suburban environment and we’ll certainly be looking to give a hand to our little patch of the world. Feeding the birds might be one obvious way of helping out, but we’ll also be ensuring that our woodpile is an attractive place for things that crawl. We’ll probably also leave the occasional patch of bare earth and see what grows. As you’ll have gathered from that last sentence, this isn’t just about animals, but plants also. We don’t know if we’ll find 1000 species, but it will be fun to find out.

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